Our World


It’s what makes our jewellery so unique.

Established in South Africa in 1992, we are a family owned jewellery design company specialising in bespoke commissioned design and remodellings. We began and remain a humble family operation, whereby our founder’s personal approach to jewellery design sets our work and your experience with us apart. Our belief that craftsmanship begins with conversation means that we have always had a deeply personal relationship with our customers, a quality that adds to the uniqueness of every Jenna Clifford piece.

We are one of the few jewellery manufacturers in South Africa who trust only expert local hands to fashion our creations.

It is part of our ethos that true objects of unique joy can never be mass-produced and for this reason we limit the production of our designs. Our steadfast commitment to ethical sourcing and craft is the reason that we believe our jewellery has attracted the attention of many special folk, including world-famous celebrities. Today, to visit the Jenna Clifford Morningside Flagship Design Studio or the Jenna Clifford Collective in Pretoria is to step into a magical world where beauty and creativity intertwine, and our founder Jenna’s touch is ever-present.

Brand Ethos

Throughout our history, our company has remained true to its original vision:

To create jewellery that touches the soul and warms the heart as much as it delights the eye, To create iconic, mastercrafted jewellery in accordance with the highest quality standards, To support local manufacturers in our production and sourcing methods.

Like our traditional manufacturing processes, the quality of our diamonds has distinguished our brand from its inception.

Every diamond we sell carries an official independent laboratory certificate from leading global diamond grading laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL). Each diamond we choose is specially selected for perfection, brilliance and clarity, and they are certified to be free of artificial enhancement such as laser treatment or fracture filling.

Because diamonds should be as pure as those who wear them, all diamonds sourced adhere to the strict regulations of the Kimberley Process to ensure that no conflict diamonds make their way into our jewellery. You can feel confident that the quality and ethical purity of our diamonds carries Jenna’s personal promise. Jenna’s belief in the natural powers of precious stones guides her hand as a designer, leading her to fashion some of the most moving and unique creations the jewellery industry has ever seen. Every glitter is a dazzling glimpse of inspiration and wonder like no other. The precious stones that bejewel our creations are more than objects of intense beauty, they are forged by the power of the planet and vibrate at the frequency of the universe.


Jenna Clifford and Dex Kotze founded the Jenna Clifford brand in 1992. Jenna and two of their daughters (Chanelle and Summer) are actively involved in the business.

Meet Jenna Clifford

Jenna is a world-renowned jewellery designer, known for her unique customised creations. Her bold and dramatic designs are sought after by some of the most recognised business icons and celebrities from around the world where she has garnered a loyal following since the launch of the business. Jenna combines gold, diamonds and precious gems to create extraordinary masterpieces and is one of the few jewellery designers in South Africa who trusts only expert local hands to fashion her creations. It is part of Jenna’s ethos that true objects of unique joy can never be mass-produced and for this reason she limits the production of her designs. We believe that this steadfast commitment to craft is the reason that Jenna Clifford jewellery has attracted the attention of world-famous celebrities, some of whom have travelled from the cultural capitals of the world to acquire the iconic beauty and timeless elegance of a Jenna Clifford signature piece. A trendsetter by design, Jenna Clifford has always said that quality craftsmanship and excellent taste is the formula for success in the jewellery design business. She is no doubt a role model to young designers everywhere and is involved in various mentoring programmes for women of all ages, including the Breaking The Mould series launched by Octagon in 2012 which saw Jenna designing two bespoke diamond butterflies for the tennis champion William’s sisters. In particular, Jenna is outspoken on the issue of women’s rights and equality and is highly active in promoting women in business. In recognition of her contribution to this topic, Jenna received the honour of torchbearer to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals 3 project, highlighting the importance of gender equality and women empowerment. She received this appointment together with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Soweto Gospel Choir. Jenna is also a partner to the Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day ® program.

Our Story

Founded in 1992, we are a family-owned jewellery company specialising in Bespoke Design and Fine Jewellery creations.